Sunday, February 26, 2012


Corey Helford Gallery presents Natalia Fabia's Miss Hooker Pageant 2012

is now seeking contestants!!!!

Auditions/pageant meeting is THIS SUNDAY (2/26) at 2:30pm

at the Dragonfly

Please come if you think you got what it takes to be crowned THEE hooker of 2012!!!Unusual talents and oddities PLEASE APPLY!!!Hooker Beauty Pageant will be held on March 30th in Hollywood, CA. please contact Vanessa Moselle at or if you are able to come.

LA WEEKLY write up of Miss Hooker Pageant 2010:

Pageant bio & info: Los Angeles artist Natalia Fabia and Corey Helford Gallery are proud to present the Miss Hooker 2012 Beauty Pageant. The second of its kind, the pageant will showcase the fabulous hookers that Fabia paints – strong, independent and fierce females who turn their tricks with charm and talent. Fabia’s paintings come to life as the part burlesque performance and part improvised event celebrates an array of talent from fire burlesque dancing and dominatrix beating to the art of chugging beer.A showcase of TALENT, beauty, brains and brawn, Miss Hooker 2012 features 10-12 contestants competing for the title, and the winning Hooker will be selected based on the following criteria:Evening Gown: The Evening Gown competition highlights each contestant’s trademark style as they saunter down the aisle runway style in custom dresses.

Talent: The Talent category showcases each beauty’s hidden talents, unique skills and clever tricks.

Interview: The final three contestants face a question and answer session that will grill and thrill.Natalia will also be doing a large painting of the newly crowned Miss Hooker!

Everyone is a hooker....




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