Thursday, April 1, 2010

Art From The New World


  1. I just discovered your work, and im so glad i did! Wow, do you only paint, or do you use pictues as a background, id love to know!?

    Powder room pics are especially cool.

    Love Christina

  2. I only paint.. I am a traditional oil painter..
    Thanks so much!!!

  3. Hi Natalia

    I first saw your work in Juxtapoz last year and fell in love immediately!!

    Your girls are gorgeous and I love the sparkle and glamour. Your use of lighting is are your painting skills..

    I will be using you as one of my "international artists to study" for uni this semester. Its funny how it goes along, I showed the Juxtapoz article to a friend last year and she sent me a text last week to ask your name so she could pass it on to someone else! And so here begins the chain of you becoming known in our university community in Australia!!

    And then even more bizarre, was last week when I was watching Miami Ink and you were there getting your chandelier tattoo!!

    So I look forward to looking at your work as part of my study and sharing it with others I meet along the way......