Friday, August 1, 2014

Paintng Albey

Work- in- progress of MY HERO, my brother... Who always took risks and lived life beyond his comfort zone..I want to be like you!

 It's crazy how well I remember brother's hands. ...I can stare and paint them for hours #albey #painting #everythingalbey
I know Albert is laughing at me for having to stand on a platform to paint him!  #painting #albey

This is the hardest painting I have ever painted.. but i am so happy to be painting it.. I added a touch of his ashes into the paint. I love you, Albey!
(if you think that's weird or wrong-F- OFF! : )

My father, Andrew, and I would really like to thank you to everyone who came (& attempted to come) to Albert George Fabia 's Celebration of life/Funeral: ALBEY DAY! So sad but beautiful to be able to reflect on such a special soul. I love my brother so so so much.
MOST IMPORTANTLY thank you to all of my and Albert's ...OUR phenomenal friends that helped make this evening happen! I am in awe of everyone for their love, contribution, time and/or hard work. I hope Albert loved it! I think about him every hour of the day. I will never forget this day, I especially can't forget the energy that was on the yacht.. it reminds me that nothing in this world matters but love. Family and friends are everything. I am so happy we were able to spend it together and say farewell.. Thank you all again for all the support! It is truly touching how many people Albey has impacted. I wish more friends and family would have been able to make it, I will be posting photos. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!!!!!!

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